“Allergy moms” defined

We call ourselves Allergy Moms to connect and find other parents who are dealing with the issues of worrying about what our kids eat everyday. Yet, do we really want to be defined as Allergy Mom and seen for only that ? No way ! We are so much more, just as Single Moms, Working Moms, Moms of Special Needs children, and every other mom in the world wants to be known. The fact is that most of our labels as moms overlap – Kudos out there to the Single, Working, Special needs mom with Food allergies – Wow, you are amazing! We know you are pooped and stressed and we hope that somewhere in there you can get a mani-pedi and a massage ( if you can find the time ).  The point is that we are all just there to love our children and it is our job to worry about them, whether it’s what they eat, how happy they are everyday and get to enjoy life, or how they may wear a house key around their neck and come home alone after school. Please let’s not forget Dads – especially this week , it’s MOM or DADs defined.  There are other labels that parents may have, Room MOM, Soccer MOM, super baseball coach DAD, yes you can have a label too – in fact we could all make a list of what we do and how we can define ourselves. Here is mine: Wife mom, soccer mom, food allergy mom, Room mom, Sandwich generation mom( mom with young kids and aging parents that require help), bad cook mom; the fact is we all have something that we see as most defining in our lives – some may require extra vigilance, while some may require a class of chardonnay ( drink responsively please ).

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