Better safe than sorry….

My son came home from school and informed me that his teacher wouldn’t let him drink the lemonade that was brought into class.

“What does she think is in the lemonade, Mom?” “We all know there is no Fish or Tree Nuts in lemonade !”  Well he is right about the fact

there is USUALLY no Fish or Tree Nuts in lemonade; although as the teacher who is responsible for our children all day I was glad that

she was being cautious.  Sometimes we take for granted what we know and just feel that the entire world should know all about our situation.

As much as I wish the teacher did know everything about food allergies, I was so glad the she was being safe than sorry !

We can only hope that as more research is done and cures and or remedies for Food Allergies come about we will need less training and

information for this frustrating glitch in our bodies.

So THANK YOU to the teachers and caregivers out there who say “you better not eat this” !  We appreciate your vigilant attitudes – and welcome

your questions about food allergies at OK4ME2EAT… Happy Holidays!

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