Food allergies evolved ?


It’s a snow day here in Michigan (our first this school year). It’s been a very long time since I’ve blogged; kind of just got blogged out! Not to mention – started substitute teaching ; I love it ! Who knew ? It’s truly amazing how things can change over the years; like our interests – what we thought we wanted to do as a profession has evolved. Why now though ? We have evolved (especially 25 years after declaring a major at university). Food allergies; they can evolve and have for us. What was a typical food allergy as a young child has evolved into gastrointestinal issues for a teenager. Heartburn/swollen eyes, the new topic in our home and what use to be just carrying epinephrine/Benedryl  has become Tums/Rolaids  to provide any kind of relief.  There are times when I think this could be going in a positive direction as to the severity of the reaction – but we all know we don’t want to jinx anything so we keep plugging along and hoping and praying that it will all be ok ?.

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