Food Allergies meet Holiday Food traditions

As Passover, Easter and soon Ramadan approach we are suddenly in the midst of changing our eating habits.  For Passover, we eat unleavened bread or matzo for 8 days, for Easter we have given up something for Lent and for Ramadan we will eat only before and after sundown.

Each of these traditions will affect our bodies in positive and negative ways.  Giving up something for Lent that isn’t so great for us,like RED MEAT or sweets can certainly help cleanse our bodies. Having no bread/rice/noodles,etc  for Passover is a joyous and well taken tradition for those who are GLUTEN FREE.  Eating only when it is dark at Ramadan will certainly make us eat less.  But, certain traditions can affect other food allergies or intolerances in negative ways.  Those celebrating PASSOVER who have EGG, NUT or FISH allergies might find less to eat at their holiday Seders; you wouldn’t believe all the passover cookies(pre made) in stores that they are made with NUT MEAL- we must be aware of these changes.  In addition, the Lent season brings more FISH in the fryers at restaurants- those allergic to FISH and eating out should take this in consideration.  Of course, we must not forget at any holiday/family get together we never know what can be put in the meal as a substitute, we can remind the host/hostess of our ALLERGY; yet bringing our own dish we know is safe is always the best choice.

Whatever holiday you are celebrating this SPRING or in the coming months, remember IT is really about being with family and remembering what our ancestors endured in the past. Enjoy and watch for hidden allergens!




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