Food Allergy 101…..

It’s your first day home from the doctor’s office and you just found out your child is allergic to a specific food or even more interesting – multiple foods.

Where do you start ?

Well, here are some tips*:

1.- If your doctor prescribes an Epipen(epinephrine auto-injector) get it filled at the pharmacy right away.

Also, make sure you have an antihistamine( ie, Benadryl). More importantly make sure you have asked

when and how to use them and to get new ones when they expire!!

2.– Move all the offending allergens away from your child’s reach, or even better, remove them from your home.

3. Do your research; go online to the resources your doctor gave you….FAAN ( Food Allergy Anaphlaxis Network)


Food Allergy Initiative or Kids with Food Allergies

These resources are great and where you will learn most of your information!

4.- Go shopping for substitutes for the foods that are allergic (this information is also available online with the websites listed above).

5.– Write it down, make an informational list for grandparents, caregivers, friends along with your emergency phone #s, etc

….and remember there is an entire food allergy community out there to help you ! 🙂


*Disclaimer – This is not medical advice, please talk to your doctor, OK 4 ME 2 EAT, My Food Allergies is not responsible for any allergic reactions, etc.



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