Frustrated allergic kid ?

I hope that if your child has a food allergy, you have been lucky enough to dodge anaphylaxis.  With allergies lingering to tree nuts, fish & shellfish, we have been able to keep our reactions simple and to a minimum- knock on wood.  But, has this helped? Does my child fully understand the consequences of his allergy ? Am I saying I want him to have a reaction just to see how bad it could get?

As our children become older and move up in grade school, we are there less and less by their side.  We try to attend all the school functions we can; but by 4th grade no one wants their mommy under them all the time to say “OK you can eat that”.  So here is my dilemma; Since my son has grown out of his milk and egg allergy he has been given the opportunity to eat “almost” everything his fellow schoolmates can have.  The issue is it has become very GREY and confusing and he can eat “little Jimmy’s” birthday treat because I have cleared the ingredients with Jimmy’s mom.  But, he can’t eat little Suzy’s treat because we can’t get in touch with her mom to find out what is in it.  Needless to say, my son does not want the special treat I sent in for him because he feels left out!  This coming from a boy that had a children’s book written about him.

So, here is my new option to offer – eat your own treat and trade in the “class treat” for points toward something else(non-food related).  Has anyone ever offered this option to their allergic child ? Please let me know if it was a “success” or “bad parenting” move! 🙂


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