Getting Big Business involved with Food Allergies

For over 11 years I have been trying to figure out what would make our lives a little bit easier regarding caring for a child with food allergies.  We as parents have done everything at the first diagnosis from reading every Food allergy website, purchasing food allergy books for our kids, ordering special cakes and cookies from great local bakeries, carrying around unlimited amounts of antihistamine and epinephrine.

As I look around my beautiful home which I am so thankful for, what I see mostly is my children’s possessions; toys they love so much, stuffed animals they will not give up and it has finally dawned on me that these “toys” our children adore, these television shows they request to watch so often – they are products of large, multimillion dollar corporations that without our support and patronage would not exist.  So here is what I need now – I need you (Big Business) to produce a product that I, as an food allergy parent can procure easily !  I need a ready to bake/frozen NUT free cookie in my grocers freezer !  I will bet it can be done – at least 15 wonderful folks are baking items night and day in their homes, in their tiny facilities, with small amounts of help from banks and startup programs.  Some small business activists may find this offensive that I am asking to run out entrepreneurs, but don’t forget #food allergies are expensive; with parents spending at least $25 billion dollars a year* to keep our children safe and not feeling left out at school events and birthday parties.

The food business is hard, not pulling in tons of profit and the liability for this sort of item could be very high – I know I have a B.S. in Food Economics. May I remind you I have paid $7 for a cookie so my child would not feel left out.  There are endless amounts of qualified people to assist and fortify a business in this arena; most of whom right now are baking products in their own kitchens under cottage laws selling locally. So I am asking those that head up large corporations, especially ones related to children’s products to start cooking. We might be able to make a working parent’s life easier caring for her allergic child and I bet you will at some point profit.


*LA times, Karen Kaplan- Sept 16, 2013

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