Hardest job in the world plus food allergies

No matter how much we prepare; all the diapers, all the organizing, even all the babysitting we have done in the past we are never truly prepared to be a mom. We also never realized how much we would fall in love !

We ask ourselves how will we ever get this sweet baby through the day, keep them content, not loose our cool and still have the energy to give our helpful 21st century husbands a hug or kiss ? It gets done, it works out – baby steps.  So here you are 3 days in; the nursing was a flop; failed that. Now your kid is telling you the formula isn’t working -he is allergic to milk ? Oh, I get it – he has food allergies – Ok no problem, SOY it is then !

When I look back at the challenge of a food allergic child and consider what we have conquered and learned over the years it really has been quite simple in the beginning; your baby is allergic to MILK- you keep it away or if breastfeed, mom stops eating it. As a toddler, you might find out there is an EGG allergy and once again you are still in charge.  By 3 or 4 years you might find out your family has been chosen to have the PEANUT or TREE NUT allergy and we vigilantly alert the media and all those dealing with the child to never give a NUT to our kid – no matter what.  Even at 6 years when your child decides he loves SHRIMP – but it doesn’t love him, you arm yourself, your school and home with Benedryl, Epinephrine and medical bracelets and Allergy action plans. You are a great parent and these are the simple times when YOU WILL BE IN CHARGE of what your child eats.  As the years move forward and your child is not glued to your hip and is becoming a young adult; this is where the major stress comes in. This is when, we as parents need to take everything that we have learned, add a dash of medical and/or psychological assistance  and begin to put those skills in our child’s mind and hope that they make smart choices about what they will consume.

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