Helping others with Food allergies….the Epi-Project

Families that have have food allergies all know how stressed out we can get whenever a meal outside the home is involved. Even if we are armed with all our weapons, antihistamine and Epi-Pens; we still worry.  But, can you imagine how scary it would be to have a child that has a food allergy and you can not provide them with the tools they need to save their lives if they have an allergic reaction ?

My son Sam has had food allergies since he was 1 year old and we have had an Epi-Pen(s) since that time.  When nursery school came around we needed 2 Epi-pens to keep there and 2 to keep with us or at home.  Now, at almost 10ys old we still need 4 Epi-pens that expire every year and with insurance our copay is still $20 for a set of 2.  What do those parents do that do not have Rx insurance ? Are they going without this life-saving device and just praying extra hard that there will be no situations to deal with?  I have met moms who did not have epinephrine injectors for their toddlers with NUT allergies – I just so happened to have a child who grew out of his allergies and I was able to give her my Epi-Pens that had 6 months left till expiration.

So after the terrible tragedy that happened in VA at the beginning of 2012; I am hoping to get the Epi-Project off the ground.  EPI-PROJECT will require help from the Epi- Pen manufacturer, Food Allergy Organizations, communities  and donations from anyone that wants to give.  Please forward this on to help us get the ball rolling to save lives. Thanks, Leslie

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