How my 1st child’s food allergy journey began…

As 2002 rolled in and I soon gave birth to my first child, I was given the opportunity to experience Sam’s allergy on his second day home.  We, my entire family, enjoying the presence of Sam witnessed the farthest projectile vomit of formula they have ever seen.  Sam’s small cousins were amused, I of course not so much.  One call later to my pediatrician and a few feedings of SOY formula later my new baby was keeping his new formula down and life agin was stable; as much as it could be with a newborn.

The months passed and now solids were being introduced at four months; oatmeal, rice and barley proved to be safe; yet as soon as my little Sam was given the opportunity to try a yummy scrambled egg at five months he sprouted a face full of HIVES. Needless to say a trip to the allergist along with a positive diagnosis of a MILK and EGG allergy presented.  Things were going to be interesting in the Berlin home!

Some if not all of my friends and family said “what will you do now?”; Easy, I said I will keep my child away from MILK and EGG.  No milk or egg proved to be quite simple at least for the first two and a half  years of Sam’s childhood.

Meetings with preschools and much research from great organizations such gave me confidence and the secure feeling I needed to move to the next phase of Sam’s toddler career.

Other names for Milk: casein,lactose, whey

Other names for Egg: albumin, lysozyme, mayonaise


Coming soon introducing your child to peanut butter…or not ! 


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