Interested in a cruise with a food allergy?

Cruise ships and food allergies,now here is something I can say I’ve earned my stripes in. When you were watching the Love Boat in 1975, I was on it -my first cruise at 5 years old and almost every 3 years after. Every evening required a dress or suit and our waiters – they were awesome, there was such great attention given to each guest, this continued to be the case even into the 21st century when I had my own kids and now required special diets. Just let the cruise ship know and your meals will be specially made to avoid cross contamination – which you do not want in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
As expected Disney ships were great and should be as they cater to little ones. As the years move on and children become more sophisticated a slight change is needed.
This time we tried NCL, we sent in our dietary requests and received a positive reply promptly. This new cruise we choose though had a twist; it was FREESTYLE cruising – which meant you could go to dinner when ever you wanted, at whichever venue you choose(some at add $) and not strangled in a suit and tie almost every night – a definite plus for the preteen boys ! Angelique, the ships special diet coordinator was fantastic – she was our link to the kitchen and made sure everything my son ordered didn’t contain his allergens. The only bump in the road or wave in the ocean I should say was the BUFFET….yes they still have them, although they are all day long and are no longer at midnight. At. the buffet- Angelique was nowhere within 3 decks and my son was eying every pastry he could see while looking for his allergy princess to tell him it was ‘ok 4 him to eat ‘. After flagging down what seemed like a chef and what was an English speaking crew member, we got our answer – needless to say this was the only pastry we had all week.
All in all it really proved to be a fabulous experience and went much smoother than it would have hoping from destination to destination without our moving hotel. Is freestyle cruising right for everyone ? Maybe not, yet you can really make it as freestyle as you choose .
Oh and one more thing – there was NO baked Alaska presentation ( we went to Alaska !)

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