Just say No!

Last night we ordered Chinese food from our favorite restaurant. I mentioned that my son is allergic to fish and asked if there was any fish sauce in anything we ordered? We usually always get the same things; but this time the owner said yes, oyster sauce was in 2 of the 5 dishes we got. I of course, ordered a substitute for the General Taos ( as it is one of my son’s favorites). Then, demanded at home he not eat the other meat dish with oyster sauce.
My husband, the calm one, was so frustrated that after all this time, today I would not let Sam have the General Taos’!  While I understood his view, I was going to  set an example and then I proceeded to cry ( which I never usually do) -crying actually worked, my husband saw my FEAR as opposed to my need to control the food we eat to keep Sam away from fish, shellfish and nuts. My kids knew I meant business.
As children with food allergies mature and need to make there own choices regarding what they eat, we definetly need to set standards for them so that they can make the best choices as adults.  While accidents may happen in the comfort of our own home, or with the safety of the Epi-pen in mom’s purse being the easiest of reactions to deal with; the fact is our kids will not always be with us when they are choosing their foods.  We need to train them to be proactive and say NO whether it means they might need to skip that special dish.

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