Know someone with Food Allergies? Honor them Food Allergy awareness week

The week of May 13-19 is Food Allergy Awareness Week.  Yes, there really is a week for EVERYTHING!  This sounds like the perfect time to learn to avoid certain foods that you may think you couldn’t live without.  For me, even being allergic to Tree Nuts, I would really have a hard time being WHEAT and/or GLUTEN FREE.

Avoiding a food can be done, it might be difficult when eating out, but with the amount of #FOOD ALLERGIES today, we all seem to be squeaking through it.  Try these ideas to help show your support for family and friends with FOOD ALLERGIES; even if it is just for ONE DAY:

* Your nephew can’t eat tree nuts – Order a salad/entree that has nuts and request that the nuts be left out. ( Don’t tell restaurant staff you are allergic, just say you don’t want them today – they go through extra measures to stop cross-contamination)

* Your best friend has been GLUTEN FREE for years( it’s actually helped her) – instead of having that BIG sandwich, order a salad or just eat the meat, cheese and vegetables.

* Your husband is allergic to SHELLFISH – skip the fried shrimp appetizer you might get on girls night out.

* Your daughter has a MILK ALLERGY – skip that Ice cream sundae and order the lemon sorbet instead.

I know it sort of sounds like LENT all over again, but you might be amazed and you WILL certainly make those dealing with food allergies feel special!


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