Little brother picks the restaurant

‘Twas the night before little Brother left for summer camp. Little brother has no food allergies but is so supportive of big bro who does. “Can we go for Sushi”? said little brother . It is his favorite food; but is it a good choice when big bro is allergic to ALL SEAFOOD ?

It was Monday and we had to choose a different Japanese steakhouse since the favorite was closed. My thought was to go with the chain since they tend to be more “allergy-friendly”.  When the waiter came by to get drink orders I choose tonic water as I thought it would go better with my Xanax ! By the time we ordered and I had explained the seafood allergy 2x in addition to the reservation explanation I’d given earlier the Xanax had kicked in, yet, my not so allergy supportive in laws were still two feet away. A few times raising my voice to the Habachi chef – ” please make the steak and chicken for us first then the shrimp after you finish! ” he still didn’t get it, but the nice people who were at the table with us couldn’t take the confusion anymore and just screamed “just make my shrimp at the end ” . We all walked out in one piece ! Though, I am still hoping my younger son will one day say – ” I hate seafood ” !!20140708-121357-44037106.jpg


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