Nut free ? Please identify yourself

We all know all know how exciting it is when we find an item at the store that is does not have nuts ! But what is even more exciting is when we find a product that specifically says MADE IN A NUT FREE FACILITY !!

Having been a member of several online social media groups I have had the opportunity to see allergy parents at work; post after post of how they called the manufacturer to verify the allergen statement .  It might state that the item is made in a facility with nuts or on the same equipment as nuts or it may not say anything at all . By law it doesn’t need to – FALCPA , the food allergy labeling and protection act of 2004 only requires the ingredients to be listed. So everything else is just a bonus – or a frustration in our minds .

When I see how my fellow allergy parents call to find out if an allergen is actually made with or contaminating the product they may be so lucky to find out – there are not even NUTS or the offending allergen in the facility ; why don’t you write that on the package ? Do you have any idea that we will buy it just because it says nut free facility ? That’s what allergy parents do ! So my mission is to get you to tell us in the first place ! We would be so excited and you can’t imagine the free advertising you would get from us !

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