Nutty mom breakthrough

Welcome to my comeback – well ,I just really took a short sabbatical. You understand, right ? I mean after 16 years as an allergy parent it gets pretty old and depressing talking about all of the things that your kid can’t eat. We focus our entire lives around those things we need to run from (e.g., nuts) and all those things we need to make sure we take with us (e.g., epipens) ; it gets a little tedious , doesn’t it ?

Let’s not even mention those family members we ignore because we are so focused on worrying about one person. It is then little brother with no allergies and/or our spouse that gets totally forgotten about. Full time working moms – I don’t know how you do it !  I mean when I work twice a week I am so concerned about looking at my phone to make sure my allergic child doesn’t need me that it’s amazing anything gets done. See, I’m complaining again which is what I said I wouldn’t do, so now I need to figure out how I can loosen my load of worry and let my allergic teen take on the responsibility without being “not available mom”  – I mean we will aways worry, we are parents.

So as I sit at the local coffee shop (ok Starbucks) writing this because I can’t get anything done at home without getting distracted by the fact that the house needs attention – I am going to make a few resolutions to make my life less stressful (maybe) and empower my son.

  • Research local places he might go out to eat and share with him so he can make the right menu choices.
  • Teach/reteach him how to read labels/may contain statements
  •  Make sure we have adequate epinephrine ( I know it’s so expensive –    heard there is generic now) so he doesn’t have to search for it. A set in his backpack and a set on the counter for when he goes out with his friends-next to car keys/wallet.
  • Communicate with him that he may have to make a concession and skip eating something while he is out if it’s not safe and I will try to find a substitution for that craving he has .
  •  Be there for support 😌

Now since it is finally sunny and 75 degrees in the Midwest , let’s go out there and try to enjoy the day, but don’t forget to share your thoughts – we all can use them.

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