Sitters and Food Allergies

As I go through my mental list of past and present sitters I have had for my boys over the years one thing truly sticks out CAN THE SITTER EMPATHIZE WITH MY CHILD’S FOOD ALLERGIES ? Have they had any experience with this concept? Maybe their best friend has an allergy, maybe their sister or even closer to home the sitter themselves.

We have been through over a dozen sitters over the last 10 years; some we didn’t like, some who didn’t like us or thought my kids were monsters (mostly the case) and some that my kids just couldn’t bear spending even more than 30 minutes with and the few kids that we all loved but went on to college and never looked back.  As we showed them around the house and got to the part about the food allergies and Epi-pens most teens had the “my buddy has food allergies, I’m cool with it” or “I really don’t know how to use it” comment, I of course did my ‘Food Allergy NInja mom mini session’ and hoped that since the allergen wasn’t in my home all would be well.

Recently though, I hired a young man that actually has a food allergy ( the same as my sons’).  My husband couldn’t quite understand why this made me so happy ? Why, because for the 1st time my son will have a role model that he can relate to concerning something that I know he needs to be vigilant about as these teenage years approach so fast.  Does this mean I don’t have to think twice…no, but I am looking forward to having even a few hours a week of help with someone who gets it!

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