Taking on our child’s food allergies

Your child has been newly diagnosed with a serious allergy to fish and shellfish; obviously you keep them away from the offending allergen, but what about you ? Do you still have the desire to eat this food that may be life threatening to your child?
For over 6 years, ever since by son was diagnosed with his Seafood allergy I have never put anything that swam in a lake or ocean in my mouth. My husband thinks I’m crazy and I kind of don’t blame him. What is it about me eating seafood that rocks my nerves – I mean I don’t even eat it when I am on vacation 300 miles away from my child.
I have friends that the minute they are away from their allergic child they can’t stop eating the peanut brittle that their child will get severely sick from. I admire them for this; they have not gotten trapped into the world that I seemed to have found and am existing in. I have been told professionally that this is very normal and over the years my anxiety about this will subside, yet for now being in my child’s world is fine for me. www.foodallery.org


  1. Jemma Chessar says:

    My child Finlay is a funny intelligent and vibrant 2 year old. To look at him you would never guess he had severe multiple food allergies. He cannot eat any Dairy, Eggs, Nuts, Sesame or Lentils and that’s the ones we know about. His allergies are so severe that he reacts to even trace amounts, he recently went into anaphylactic shock after eating pure dried mango that had been contaminated with nut traces. Our biggest struggle is his allergy to dairy, he is so sensitive his family have to wash before they kiss him as the traces from their lips give him hives. We cannot go to baby groups as all the kids eat biscuits and cakes and crumble their poisonous food everywhere. The funny thing is Finlay really doesn’t care about missing out on all the foods that other kids eat and is quite happy with the food he knows and likes. We have strict rules of no milk, eggs, nuts and sesame in the house and we feel his home should be a safe environment and we feel much calmer that way. Finlay loves baking and we make everything we can make ourselves and have great recipes for allergen free biscuits and cakes. You would be suprised how good a milk, egg and nut free chocolate cake can taste! Our next hurdle will be whether we send him to school or home school him, but I guess that’s a decision for another day.

    Jemma, Finlay’s Mummy

    • Those toddlers, they are the best with their food allergies. Kids that age may not be able to read the packages but they will tell you
      about their allergies and their classmates too. Finlay is really young now and it will get easier; he may even grow out of a couple of those allergies ( can’t promise anything – we have seen it happen to us and others). That dairy,egg, nut and sesame FREE cake is awesome and you are a great mom. Thanks for commenting, enjoy your family and know that there is a great allergy free community out there to connect with !

      Leslie 🙂

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