Teachers- read food allergy 101! There will be a test tomorrow!

Welcome to 2012! It has only been 4 days and this year has brought us a horrible story – 7 year old dies from an allergy reaction IN SCHOOL!

For those of you that know the story about the little girl in Virginia that lost her life because her allergy action plan was not taken; we are mortified!  How are our educators so lax that they can’t follow through on something so life threatening as food allergies?   Yes, kids get hurt all the time – there is usually blood, bumps, crying, bandaids and even incident reports filled out and filled.  Where have all of these teachers, aids, principals, secretaries, even lunch ladies been hiding for the past 10+ years to not know the implications of an ALLERGIC REACTION ?

Schools have no money, schools are loosing vital resources and academic programing; yet, they still do fire drills, have bandaids and make sure everyone gets a hot lunch even if they can’t afford it.  Why can’t they make food allergies a priority?  Our educators are who our children look up to; who, we as parents sometimes worship because they can keep our child focused.  Don’t get me wrong, teachers and school staff are amazing- they are underpaid and overworked – but they also are lacking a VITAL skill that in this day requires further training and knowledge.  It is up to our school administrators and government to get our educators the tools and knowledge they so need and deserve to keep our children safe.



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