The day after the CANDY…..

As we all admit it was a great Halloween – at least our Michigan weather held out; here we are 

left with decorations to take down and CANDY to try to monitor.  Oh no!

As many peanut M & Ms and Almond Joys, etc  fell into our kids pillow cases we couldn’t wait to get home

to rummage through them and remove the offending product.  We traded as much as we could with friends 

yet, still we ended up with a few offending allergens.  But, what to do if your other child or someone else in the house

CAN eat that M & M ??   In our home the comment  is ” I know I’m allergic, I will not eat that NUT BAR”!  – Sam 9 yrs

But,  what about the  5 year old or toddler ?  How did it go ? What are your tricks……..????


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