Traveling with food allergies…Canadian style

As we set off from Detroit through Ontario last weekend I was in very high spirits that this trip would be easier than others; maybe servers would actually know what food allergies are?  Our first stop to Swiss Chalet proved to be quite a positive experience.  The first thing I saw as I walked in this nice little restaurant was the Nutrition and ALLERGY guide.  I took it and casually read it as my kids choose from the dinner choices and brought to my attention the NUT FREE options.

We ate our meals and I only hoped that the rest of the trip would be this simple.  All the meals we encountered at chain restaurants let me enjoy a low blood pressure meal.  It was not till we got to the Japanese steakhouse that I “felt” like I was asking a question every minute.  There was of course a bit of confusion in the initial comment of “my son is allergic to fish & shellfish”, but after 4-5 employees had a little meeting we got it all straight! ( I know you’re thinking why would you choose this type of food? Truth is, there were lots of people in our party and my kids really wanted to try it !)

As you would expect I steered our family toward chain heaven the rest of the vacation and was still always as amazed to see the notations on the menus regarding FOOD ALLERGIES and NUT FREE options…I’m hoping just one day WE ( USA) will have some of the same options.

There are, at this moment,laws being pursued that will give those with food allergies more options out of the home.  Until then we must remember that cooking at home is usually much safer.  If that isn’t an option while on vacation – try a visit to Canada!


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