Traveling WITHOUT your allergic child

It’s been over 2 weeks that my firstborn, (the one with all the food allergies) has been up at camp, hopefully locked away from all the fish & nuts he can encounter in today’s world of gourmet dining.  Since there are so many other children with food allergies where he is, I am trying to rest easy that he is enjoying the beginning of his summer allergy free.

Meanwhile in the real world, we have just taken our other son, Eddie on a 3 day excursion across the state.  He misses his brother as much as I do and is handling himself pretty well in his temporary job as an only child.  The difference is this vacation, I’m not so freaked out every time we go into a new restaurant or try to decide wether or not we will get ice cream at the cute little shop on the boardwalk.  As Eddie excitedly chooses that decedent ice cream flavor, I am laid back and have not jumped over the counter to ask the nice ice cream scooper if there are “ANY NUTS IN THAT?”.  This is actually a quite refreshing feeling.

I know this opportunity to travel without an allergic child will be minimal for now, I have enjoyed it and hope that all families with food allergies get to let loose and once in a while pick anything off the menu.  But, for when we are traveling with those with food allergies, we can embrace the concept that we lovingly need and want to stay on our toes. Happy Summer!



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