Waiting for the call….

I was hoping it would get a little easier ; you know-that feeling when your allergic child is at school or camp and you worry!                   Although, at 10 years old and very knowledgeable about his food allergies, Sam still has the power to make me look at my cell phone every 1.5 minutes! 

At school, is it the treat that I was told definetly has NO NUTS or FISH? At a friends house, is it the snack that he eats that is made with anchovies( yes, many foods are made with fish wether they taste like it or not) ? At home, is it the caregiver/sitter watching him that doesn’t realize that he is uncomfortable ?  The problem is at this rate how will I ever put my phone down? How will I ever let go? Maybe I can be the HOUSE MOTHER at his frat house in college – NO, Thanks!

Actually, how have millions of parents and dozens of generations of families ever let there kids out of sight? I suppose there will be accidents, mistakes.  But the key is that I need to educate my child about his food allergies! Maybe even a midterm or pop quiz is necessary.

So maybe instead of worrying so much about when the call will come through that there was an allergic reaction – maybe we should make sure that everyone is prepared with the tools and knowledge they need to keep our kids safe!!


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