Nuts are allowed

How crazy is it that as a mom I have spent 90%of my child’s life trying to keep him safe from the tree nuts he is allergic to ? Now , after a successful oral challenge at 15 years old at the allergist’s office he is now eating Almonds like they are going out of style. I can’t quite wrap my head around it and I know it’s safe now , yet to change my way of thinking so fast will require a bit of time .

This happened at age 8 with Dairy & age 9 with Egg ; yet for some reason the Nuts did not come with a smile for me . The allergist then told me that I can challenge Cashews, Pistachios and Pecans in the privacy of our home – WHAT ? I don’t need privacy! I need the doctor there with us !

He managed to get through Cashews successfully, yet I watched my son like a hawk for the next 8 hours and even my husband realized I need a week off till we try another nut.

Next week we tackle Hazelnut at the allergist’s office … I will let you know how it goes ; I’m sure I will be the one sitting on the doctor’s table again . 


  1. Thanks Mark-good article!

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